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Flawed Film Festival

Generate, design, and produce all the deliverables and collateral for a film festival dedicated to a chosen movie director. Find a common thread that appears in the director’s body of work and conceptualize a design aesthetic that brings it to life.
P.T. Anderson’s films need no better introduction than the likes of “Magnolia,” “Boogie Nights,” or “There Will Be Blood”. Anderson has made films in a number of genres, focused on loneliness and family dynamics. With his usual trademarks of long takes and emphatic use of music, Anderson veers from art house experimentation to old fashioned melodrama to profound philosophical inquiry to kinetic violence and dirty sex. Flawed Film Festival is based on the selected films of P.T. Anderson. The festival was based on the concept of characters with dysfunctional family relationships that lead to addiction, desperation, and isolation due to their separation from their parental figures. 
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